Dental Crowns

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Teeth that are damaged or decayed are a common struggle in America. While the severity of cavities varies from case to case, 90% of people report having had a cavity at some point. Dental crowns effectively restore appearance and function to teeth that have become impaired from tooth decay or trauma. Dr. Alethea Coelho provides this restoration option for patients in Visalia, CA.

The Effectiveness Of Dental Crowns And How They Help

This restoration is a standard solution for teeth that have become damaged. Once in place, they restore the tooth and protect it against worsening damage. A dental crown becomes necessary when the damage to the tooth is too extensive for a filling to be effective. This damage is usually the result of untreated severe tooth decay or trauma from an accident. Placing a crown requires the removal of much of the remaining tooth to create a mounting point for the restoration. Crowns cover the entirety of the tooth, all the way to the gumline.

Having a crown placed is a fairly routine process. If you’ve opted to have a dental crown placed, you can expect the following steps in the procedure:

  • A standard dental exam combined with a professional cleaning
  • Application of a numbing agent to prepare to shape the tooth
  • Removal of damaged or decayed tooth material
  • Shaping of the tooth to make it suitable for mounting a crown
  • Dental impressions will be taken to create the crown
  • Dr. Coelho will send the impressions to a dental lab to create your crown
  • You will schedule a second appointment for placement of the crown
  • Once placed, it will be polished to match your neighboring teeth

A completed dental crown will last for up to 15 years with consistent dental hygiene and proper use. Some of these restorations have been known to persist even longer. Caring for your crown consists of the same hygiene practices as your natural teeth. This care includes brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and reducing sugars in your diet. It’s also essential that you avoid particularly chewy or sticky foods. Caramels, toffees, taffy, and similar foods have been known to weaken a crown and can even pull it off the mounting.  

If you’re experiencing teeth that are sensitive or you frequently have a toothache, you may need a crown. These kinds of sensations often indicate the presence of an infection or a deep cavity in your tooth. It may also become necessary to do a root canal to protect the tooth in some cases. Root canal treatments help clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth where infection hides.

See Dr. Alethea Coelho In Visalia, CA, For More On Crowns

Dr. Coelho is dedicated to providing relief from dental pain and restoring beautiful smiles. Dental crowns can be an excellent option to achieve these goals. Reach out to Dr. Coelho at our dental office today to schedule your next consultation. You’ll receive a complete dental exam and cleaning followed by a suggested treatment plan to ease your pain and restore your smile.