Teeth Whitening

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Your teeth can gradually take on staining and discoloration over time. When this discoloration becomes noticeable, it’s time to consider getting help. Over-the-counter treatments can help, but there comes the point when only professional whitening will do. Dr. Coelho provides a range of teeth whitening services capable of addressing even the toughest dental staining. Come discover what we can do for patients in the Visalia, CA community.

Professional Dental Whitening With Dr. Alethea Coelho

Most forms of dental whitening processes, whether professional or OTC, involve a peroxide solution that serves to lighten and eliminate staining. Peroxide solutions are very effective at tackling the proteins and films that cause staining, working to break them up, and improving the color of your teeth. However, there are deeper forms of stain that a peroxide solution just can’t touch. While some of these stains are merely surface deep, there are others that occur deep within the tooth itself. When these occur, only professional care like that provided by Dr. Coelho can help.

When you come in for dental whitening, the first step will be determining where the source of the stain is. Once the underlying cause has been determined, the next step is deciding what kinds of treatment will serve to properly eliminate them. There are three types of dental staining, including:

 • Extrinsic Stains: When a stain occurs on the exterior of the tooth, usually within the enamel, it’s known as an extrinsic stain. These are the easiest to eliminate and most commonly occur due to consuming dark-colored foods beverages or due to vices such as tobacco and alcohol use.

 • Intrinsic Stains: Within the tooth, just below the enamel, is a softer porous layer known as dentin. Stains that develop within the dentin can’t be touched by peroxide treatments. Professional whitening services will be needed to eliminate this discoloration.

 • Age-Related Stains: Our teeth frequently begin to darken as we age. This most often happens when the pulp of the tooth begins to die. It can also result from a lack of vitamin D or calcium. These types of stains can be impossible to remove and are most often addressed using cosmetic treatments, including dental bonding or veneers.

While the whitening treatments Dr. Coelho uses still involve the use of peroxide solutions, they’re at a much higher concentration than those available OTC. While they are more effective at cleaning the tooth, they require application by a trained hand in a controlled environment. Overuse of peroxide solutions, even those from a pharmacy, can result in damage to the tooth and the onset of dental sensitivity.

How Dr. Coelho Provides Teeth Whitening Services

Professional dental whitening is a form of cosmetic treatment that can improve your smile using non-invasive methods. When performed by a professional, the procedure is entirely safe and can produce stunning results. Dr. Coelho works with patients in the Visalia, CA area to help them achieve the brightest, best smiles possible. Reach out to schedule an appointment today to start on the road to your brightest smile!