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Dr. Alethea Coelho is dedicated to ensuring that patients in the Visalia, CA area get effective and complete dental care. She accomplishes this through applying her education, the results of ongoing education, and modern dental technology. Applying the latest treatment methods and equipment to your care ensures the best possible results. Keep reading to discover the resources that Dr. Coelho uses to provide excellent care.

Advanced Dental Technology With Dr. Coelho

Advanced Dental technology plays a role in the delivery of exceptional dental care. It takes part in every stage, from diagnosis to treatment planning. Some of the tools used to provide this heightened level of care include:

  • CBCT – Cone Beam CT is an innovative form of imaging involving the use of computed tomography. Tomography is a technique that produces a cross-section of our oral cavity (or any body part) utilizing either ultrasound or x-rays. The result of CBCT is a digital 3D image with incredibly precise and clear details of your oral structure. This clarity makes it an essential tool in diagnosis and treatment planning thanks to its ability to expose issues like impacted teeth and temporomandibular joint issues.
  • Intra-Oral Camera – This tool performs a similar function to the CBCT in terms of producing valuable imagery for use in treatment and diagnosis. Rather than using X-rays or ultrasound, the Intra-oral Camera produces images of the exposed portions of your oral cavity. A camera is mounted on the end of a boom that is used to obtain thousands of images of your mouth’s interior. These images are then stitched together using special software to produce a comprehensive 3D view of your mouth.
  • Digital Radiography – While X-rays have been an essential part of medical and dental care for well over a century, digital x-rays are changing everything. This incredible tool uses an almost imperceptible amount of radiation to produce the clearest images possible. It accomplishes this while eliminating uncomfortable bite trays and the need for multiple images being taken. It takes a 3D image of your entire orofacial area in a matter of moments.
  • 3D Printing– Another innovation that’s changing the face of how Dr. Coelho provides dental care is 3D printing. In addition to the imaging methods used above, it’s possible to create a physical 3D model that provides additional ways of identifying the concern. There was a time when milling equipment wasn’t available for making instant crowns and restorations. Now they’re able to be milled in-house, making receiving restoration work a one-visit treatment.

This collection of tools and equipment provides the foundation for many of the treatment options available with Dr. Alethea Coelho.

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