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In 1985 the first dental X-ray was performed, adding this imaging technique to tools available to dentistry. X-rays were first developed by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist. Since their introduction, they have remained an essential part of many forms of medical and dental care. Today X-rays are still used in dentistry, but they’ve come a long way in terms of accuracy and reduction of the necessary radiation to perform one. Dr. Alethea Coelho uses digital x-rays to ensure that the best care can be delivered.

Improving Care With Digital Dental X-Rays

In the beginning, the imaging procedure took a full 24 minutes to create a readable film. Modern digital x-rays accomplish the same results, with superior clarity, in just seconds. While the first use of x-rays exposed the patient to significant levels of radiation, modern x-rays use an almost negligible amount. This means digital x-rays are safer, faster, and more effective than any technology before them.

If you’re not a fan of the uncomfortable bite-plates you’ve had to use with other x-ray processes, we’ve got great news for you. Bite plates are no longer needed as part of the digital x-ray procedure, nor is the need for multiple images. Digital x-rays instantly create a full 3D image of your orofacial area in a single shot. The resulting image provides the following benefits to patients and dentists alike:

  • Inexpensive – Digital x-rays cost less in terms of resources required and time spent.
  • Comfort – No bite plates means that digital x-rays are painless and comfortable
  • Quality – The level of quality received with a digital x-ray is simply unparalleled. The images are crisp, complete, and precise. Since they’re digital in nature, they can also be rotated and viewed from countless angles.
  • Convenient – They are safe and convenient to use and transfer when necessary. Patients can request a copy for their own personal records without having to take or copy the original. The same goes for images being sent to other providers. There’s no need for the original to be sent. Like a photo through email, a copy is created instantly, and the original stays where it is.
  • Safer – Digital x-rays require far less radiation than earlier versions. While traditional, modern x-rays are still perfectly safe, this imaging process uses even less radiation than those.

These elements of receiving dental x-rays help ensure each time you receive imaging with Dr. Alethea Coelho is quick and painless.

Alethea Coelho is Here For Your Imaging Needs

Imaging is an essential part of comprehensive dental care. There are important oral structures that otherwise cannot be seen by the naked eye. From cavities forming between the teeth to infections happening under the gumline, digital imaging makes it clear for all to see. The results can even be used to produce a physical model of your oral structures. This makes it possible for Dr. Coelho to properly identify oral health concerns and arrange a treatment plan to address them thoroughly. Call and schedule your dental imaging appointment today!