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You’ll find our office to be equipped with amenities designed to make your experience more pleasant and enjoyable. From a comfortable waiting area to relaxing treatment areas, every detail has been designed with your satisfaction in mind. 

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Dr. Coelho makes it her mission to provide fantastic dental care for every member of your family. The services provided in Visalia, CA, are available to patients of every age with all types of dental health concerns. The clinic strives to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all types of families. Our office provides a full range of dental treatments that are designed to protect your smile now and into the future.

Services Available From Dr. Alethea Coelho

Taking care of your teeth requires access to the full spectrum of oral health options, such as those available at our clinic. The following represents the type of care you can receive in the pursuit of a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

  • Preventive Services – There’s no more effective form of treatment than prevention of the issue. Preventative care focuses on stopping gum disease, tooth decay, and other issues before they ever appear. Our clinic provides mouth guards, dental sealants, professional cleanings, and other preventative care services.
  • Restorative Services – When prevention fails to prevent that onset of oral health concerns, restoration is the next step. Our oral structures can become damaged through accidents or poor oral hygiene. Dental restoration involves the elimination of the underlying cause and restoring the appearance and function. Among the restorations offered are fillings, dentures, implants, and crowns.
  • Cosmetic Procedures – A healthy smile can still have room for aesthetic improvement. Cosmetic dental care includes procedures such as professional cleanings, cosmetic bonding, gum sculpting, veneers, and much more. Dr. Coelho can provide you with a consultation to determine what approaches will work for your smile.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – During your visits, you’ll be screened for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a highly-survivable condition when caught in its earliest days. Unfortunately, many cases of oral cancer go unidentified until the late stage. These screenings can help catch the condition early.
  • Orthodontic Care – Dr. Alethea Coelho provides a range of orthodontic care such as braces and clear aligners. Addressing malocclusion can help improve the overall health of your teeth, not just their appearance.
  • Overall Health Concerns – When you think of seeing your dentist, you probably think of the health of your teeth and gums. While these are certainly the focus, our oral health has a broader impact on our overall health. Diabetes, pregnancy, and cardiovascular disease all have ties to oral health.

When you attend a visit at Dr. Alethea Coelho’s office, you’ll receive a full dental workup. This workup will focus on your immediate oral health concerns but will also include consultation of treatments to address them. Your oral health will evolve as you age, and Dr. Coelho will be there to help ensure it continues to remain healthy and beautiful.

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Whether you’re new to Visalia or just looking for a new dentist, contact our office today. Dr. Coelho provides a full range of dental services for every member of your family. From your youngest child to those in their golden years, they’re here to help.